About us: Redesigning Emergency Care

46-bed state-of-the-art Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

We have recently opened a £12.3 million Nightingale Centre housing a new Acute Medical Unit (AMU) and Endoscopy Unit at Hillingdon Hospital.

This was the second largest successful bid awarded to London Trusts, as part of a wider £330 million allocation for England. The aim of the project is to redesign emergency care pathways to reflect best practice for increasing primary care and reducing admission and length of stay in hospital. Alongside this, we have developed a new Urgent Care Centre offering quick treatment to patients who do not need the full A&E service.

The redevelopment sees improvements made to the hospital’s A&E department, paediatric emergency department, acute medical admissions unit and endoscopy unit. The design of the building and changes in the clinical pathways were developed in conjunction with patient groups, the clinical staff and local GP’s. Dr Richard Grocott-Mason, the Trust’s Joint Medical Director, says: “The guiding principle behind our plans is to ensure that patients can access the right service at the right time.

Stages of emergency care redesign

Firstly »

Redesign of the Emergency Care Department focused on the paediatric and urgent care areas, to support the community model for primary care, seeing and treating minor illness and minor injury patients. This includes:

  • The relocation of fracture clinic and the plaster room
  • The refurbishment of the A&E waiting room
  • The development of an adult Urgent Care Centre
  • Modifications to the minors area.

Secondly »

The second element was a new ward block containing an acute medical admissions unit, with 46 beds, for patients who require an emergency stay in hospital of less than 72 hours. The senior consultants are now based on the ward and therefore patients will have a senior review early in their stay, accessing relevant diagnostic tests, such as x-ray, early so patients have the right treatment at the right place.

Thirdly »

The third element was the relocation of departments which were displaced by the new build and the refurbishment of the Emergency Department; this included the Endoscopy Department and Occupational Therapy.

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The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is regulated by CQC to provide care at Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital

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