In the year 2020/21

Maintaining and upgrading our buildings

Over the past year the Trust has invested more than £5 million in improving and maintaining its electrics, specialist ventilation and heating, plus major surveys on water pipework in Maternity and in the main building at Hillingdon Hospital were commissioned. Improvements were also made to wards on the Mount Vernon Hospital site and to the HR and Estates Department buildings at the Hillingdon Hospital. In addition to this £470k was spent on roads and car parks resurfacing works, asbestos removal, door controls, medical gas controls and safety improvements.

Improving patient facilities

The multi-phased programme of works for the upgrade of the Emergency Department started in 2018 was completed by March 2020, with improved patients flow, waiting area and consultation spaces. The Trust spent £320k to improve adult daycare, and outpatients’ clinics in Tudor and lockdown facilities in the Emergency Department.

To address structural defects of the Peter Pan and Wendy Ward paediatric building, the Paediatric Inpatient Department was relocated in Fleming Ward while its daycare facility was relocated on the ground floor of the podium. Both areas have been designed as modern and upgraded facilities.

A new ward block, adjacent to the Nightingale Centre was started on site in February 2020 and will be completed by the end of 2020, providing up-do-date inpatient facilities.

Works to the female day-care area was undertaken to include a separate male area,   as well as improvements in adjacent corridors and WC for a total of £400k during the course of the year.

Funding was received for a new ambulatory care area of 6 chairs, which were delivered at the start of 2019.

A new main boiler was installed to provide much needed resilience to support the existing fragile infrastructure. The boiler was fully commissioned and operational by January 2020.

Achieving greater efficiencies

A number of changes improved our efficiency and saved money. These included:

  • Improved patient care and efficiency with a reduction in length of stay for emergency admissions 4.7 days (2018-19) to 4.1 days (2019-20), which enabled the closure of a ward delivering a saving of over £1m
  • Improved processes and engagement with procurement delivered in-year £1.8m in non-pay savings
  • Improved control and reporting across all staff groups and an overseas recruitment drive for medics and nurses, delivered £4.3 m in pay savings including £1.5 m in medical pay savings
  • Improved patient care and efficiency with a Rapid Improvement Event, resulted in improved ways of working with our Frailty Team on Lister Ward delivering improvements in patient care and making us financially more efficient and we delivered a 23% reduction in length of stay.