Jobs: A day in the life...

..of an Emergency Nurse Practictioner (ENP), Specialist Nurse in the Minor Injuries Unit, Mount Vernon Hospital

"The Minor Injuries Unit at MVH is open 7 days a week, every day except Christmas day, from 9am to 8pm. It is staffed by a total of 8 ENP’s, three working each day. Last year we saw in excess of 24,000 patients.

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, well in MIU you can add 1 more. Between 0830 and 0900 every morning we’ll be cleaning, checking and stocking up our equipment. That done, doors open, no guessing what the day might bring.

A 20 year old who twisted his ankle while playing football last night hops in with a suspected fracture, an 18 year old girl whilst dancing in high heels fell onto her hand. A retired gentleman playing golf, complains of pain to his knee. All routine complaints that may attend. Meanwhile, a child is carried in screaming, he has fallen off his bike and has a laceration to his face that will need sutures.

During the normal workload a man in his 50’s comes to the desk complaining of chest pain. Priorities change and while the gentleman has an ECG & observations taken, another ENP will be calling for a blue light ambulance to transfer him to A&E. If needed, he may be taken straight to Harefield cardiac unit by the ambulance.

Following  a day of suturing, plastering, dressing wounds, removing foreign bodies, relocating dislocated fingers and toes, referring to other specialities i.e. an abscess which needs draining to the surgeons, or chronic problems to the GP, giving advice on sprains, strains and pulled muscles, not forgetting reassuring the worried well, it’s 8pm and the doors close. The last few patients are treated, a quick tidy, lights off, lock up and home.

Everyday is different, often busy, occasionally overflowing, but never dull. We all enjoying working here and as a team are very supportive of and to each other and our co-workers. Our patients frequently tell how much they appreciate our prompt and efficient service and this instant feedback makes the day even more enjoyable."

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