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We have an integrated Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy service, which incorporates Inpatient Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and Outpatient Physiotherapy, in both of our hospitals. These services, together with Speech and Language Therapy and Dietetics are managed by the Therapy Services Manager with each clinical service also having an operational manager. This is a well established structure, which allows therapists to develop skills in a variety of settings.

Within Inpatient Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy we have six teams, Medicine and Surgery (Including ITU and Amputee care) Orthopaedics, Older adults, (frailty, acute care and rehabilitation for complex needs) Stroke Care and Neurological Rehabilitation. We also provide care to paediatrics according to diagnosis.

We are proud that therapy is held in high regard within the trust, and we encourage our therapists to become involved in projects within the trust to further raise our profile.

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