Jobs: Work shadowing or work experience

We have opportunities for clinical and non-clinical placements at Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital. A placement can enable both you and your placement sponsor to learn and develop from the experience. But don't worry, it doesn't always reflect your eventual career choice, but can allow a broad experience in the world of work.

What kind of placements do we offer?

We offer CLINICAL (Work Shadowing) and NON CLINICAL (Work experience) placements. The placement’s areas/departments can be found in the Work Experience Directory. Once you have identified a specific area of interest, you are encouraged to make contact with the relevant person from the department/service in which you wish to do work shadowing/work experience.

How to apply

Read through the policy and follow the process outlined on the flowchart to make an application for work shadowing  (CLINICAL placements) or work experience (NON-CLINICAL placements).


The points of contact within the hospital’s departments/services, who arranges the placements, can be found in the Work Experience Directory (58KB)

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Please note:

Placements for students differ in each ward, department or area of placement. The main aim of work shadowing (for clinical placements) will be confined to observation only. Under NO circumstances will students be permitted to take an active part in any situation relating to patient care.

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