Public urged to continue protecting family and friends

Date published: 22 July 2021

New government campaign launches across England to remind public of importance of continuing healthy behaviours to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Everyone across England is being urged to continue letting fresh air into enclosed spaces, take up the offer of twice-weekly free testing, wash their hands and book both doses of their vaccine, in a major new campaign which has been launched today (Thursday 22nd July).

As we have moved into step 4 of the roadmap and restrictions have been cautiously lifted, the campaign begins across radio and print advertising to encourage the nation to remind the public of the importance of continuing healthy behaviours to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This includes a new short film, narrated by TV doctor and practising GP, Dr Amir Khan. The message encourages the public to meet outside if they can, let fresh air in when inside, wear a face covering in crowded places, check-in into venues and test regularly, even if they have been vaccinated.

The film shows how those positive actions that have become second nature to many people over the pandemic should continue to be implemented into everyday lives.

New research was conducted as part of the campaign which reveals nearly nine in 10 (86%) hope that people will proceed with caution and common sense even with restrictions lifted.

The full list of actions being invited to continue include:

  • Booking your first or second vaccine if eligible without delay
  • Letting fresh air into enclosed spaces
  • Regularly twice weekly testing
  • Taking a PCR test even if you only have mild symptoms
  • Checking in to venues using the NHS COVID-19 App
  • Washing hands often and carrying hand sanitiser
  • Wearing face masks when in close proximity to others and distancing not possible, particularly in enclosed spaces such as public transport or small shops

Whilst data from Public Health England estimates that the vaccination programme in England has prevented over 11 million infections and saved almost 37,000 lives, around one in three people who have COVID-19 have no symptoms and could be spreading the virus without knowing.

Even if someone has been vaccinated, they can still get the virus and pass it on. This is because its particles bind to individuals and spread through talking, exhaling, eating, or performing other normal daily activities. The vaccination limits the volume or quantity of viral particles shed by individuals who are infected with the virus helping to stop the spread.

From the research of over 3,000 adults in England, over three quarters say that they will continue to wear face masks when in crowded spaces, 81% will practice social distancing where possible and 83% say they will continue to wash hands thoroughly and often.

Among those who said they would continue with at least one of these actions, 74% said they are doing so to help protect others, whilst 63% say it’s respectful to other people who may feel more nervous about the lifting of restrictions.

Over a third (34%) said that they now have a greater understanding of how germs and viruses spread and feel better able to try and protect themselves. And with cases of other viruses, such as seasonal vomiting bug Norovirus, increasing as restrictions ease, people are being urged to take extra precautions to protect themselves and loved ones, by using these healthy behaviours.