Sorting vaccine fact from fiction

Date published: 15 October 2021

In collaboration with Video Reporter Network Winkball, our colleagues at CNWL have developed a useful Covid-19 ‘myth buster’ video aimed at younger adults who have concerns about the vaccination.

It tackles some of the most common misunderstandings and false claims that have been circulating on social media in a clear and concise way. The video uses simulated Q&A, with Advanced Specialist Pharmacist Hazera Chowdhury and Clinical Lead Samantha Cliffe addressing some common concerns that have been raised online and providing facts to dispel any misinformation.

It is linked to a QR (Quick Response) barcode (below), which can be accessed using a smartphone camera.  

The versatility of the barcode means it can be attached to a range of materials including medicines packaging, posters and information leaflets. With young people using mobile devices more than ever before, it is a quick and convenient way to share this information amongst a tech-savvy cohort.

The video can also be accessed directly using the following link: CNWL Covid-19 Vaccination 2021 (