Celebrating the 100th birthday of a patient at Hillingdon

Date published: 14 September 2021

On Friday 10 September staff and patients were treated to a concert from the band of the Salvation Army to celebrate the100th birthday of patient Mary Salmon. Band members, who social distanced in Beaconsfield East garden, played a selection of hymns and of course, Happy Birthday!

Mary has dedicated 50 years of her life to missionary work overseas with The Salvation Army, so it was a special moment for her. She was particularly delighted to be able to spend time with friends and colleagues.

This was not an easy thing to organise, so enormous thanks are due to Leanne Bainbridge, Palliative Care CNS (pictured with Mary), who made the arrangements, to all the staff and physiotherapists on Franklin ward for helping fulfil this wish, and also to the security team for sorting the parking.