Patient and Public Involvement (PPI): People in Partnership forum

Membership of 'People in Partnership' is open to everybody:

  • Living within the Borough of Hillingdon
  • Registered with a GP practice within the Borough of Hillingdon
  • A patient under a Trust health professional
  • Represent a voluntary or community organisation within the Borough of Hillingdon
  • A member of staff

Aims of the forum

We aim to involve patients and the local community in decision-making on the acute health services we offer by:

  • Actively involve patients and members of the public in the development and planning of services by the Trust
  • Ensure that the contribution made is as representative of as many patients and the public as possible and is positive, encouraging and objective
  • Obtain feedback on the quality and provision of services to help support decision-making
  • Assist in drafting Trust materials e.g. new leaflets, and offer feedback on literature e.g. annual reports.

Public meetings are held every two months, chaired by the Chief Executive or a member of his executive team. Speakers from a range of services attend and you are welcome to comment and ask questions. There is no need to attend every meeting. If there are any topics you would like to hear about at a future meeting please let us know.

Meetings - All meetings are from 6.30pm until 9pm


19 February
Agenda (156kb)
14 May
23 July
26 November

Previous meetings

2018 (show)

2017 (show)

14 November
Agenda (pdf, 147KB)
News headlines (pdf, 457KB)
Paediatric audiology (pdf, 503KB)
Role of audiologists (pdf, 449KB)
Our approach to patient safety (pdf, 503KB)
11 July
Agenda (pdf, 184KB)
Questions and answers (pdf, 219KB)
News headlines (pdf, 490KB)
The way back to financial recovery (pdf, 586KB)
Introduction to shockwave therapy (pdf, 418KB)
Osteoarthritis (pdf, 209KB)
25 April
Agenda (pdf, 80KB)
Questions and answers (pdf, 166KB)
News headlines (pdf, 80KB)
Integrated skin care (pdf, 1.3MB)
Developing the ACP in Hillingdon (pdf, 409KB)
24 January
Agenda (pdf, 82KB)
Questions and answers (pdf, 231KB)
News headlines (pdf, 324KB)
Co-ordinate my care (pdf, 329KB)
Patients' time is important (pdf, 263KB)


2016 (show)

15 November
Questions and answers (pdf, 225KB)
News headlines (pdf, 1.5MB)
Pastoral and Spiritual Care (pdf, 293KB)
Paediatrics (pdf, 1.5MB)
20 July
Agenda (pdf, 82KB)
Questions and answers (pdf, 213KB)
News headlines (pdf, 478KB)
Developing an Accountable Care Partnership (pdf, 885KB)
Impact on performance (pdf, 556KB)
25 April
Agenda (pdf, 80KB)
CEO presentation (270KB)
Engaging public in planning future services (585KB)
Hospitals charity (398KB)
26 January
Agenda (pdf, 80KB)
Expanding the use of Physician Associates (pdf, 435KB)


2015 (show)

23 November
Agenda (pdf, 80KB)
Organ donation presentation (212KB)
Theresa Murphy presentation (252KB)
Fractured Neck of Femur presentation (469KB)
Questions and Answers (139KB)
2 July
Agenda (pdf, 102KB)
Poster (pdf, 230KB)
Questions and Answers (139KB)
27 April
Agenda (pdf, 83KB)
Questions and Answers (210KB)
12 February
Agenda (pdf, 102KB)
Poster (pdf, 230KB)
Questions and Answers (210KB)


2014 (show)

3rd November
Agenda (pdf, 132KB)
Poster (pdf, 96KB)
2nd June
Agenda (165KB)
Chief Executive presentation (pdf, 526KB)
Understanding Diabetes presentation (pdf, 164KB)
Masterplan presentation (pdf, 4622KB)
4th March
Agenda (142KB)
Clinical Quality Strategy presentation (pdf, 426KB)
Chief Executive presentation (pdf, 381KB)
Managing Prostate Cancer (pdf, 1.3MB)
Questions and Answers (pdf, 229KB)
10th January
Agenda (22KB)
Healthwatch presentation (99KB)
Chief Executive News Headlines (Jan 14) (218KB)

Female staff member. Register interest: Catherine Holly
PPI Lead
Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge UB8 3NN
Tel: 01895 279973 / 01895 279402