Day Care Unit / Day Case Patients: Being discharged

A nurse will discharge you once you are fully recovered and will phone the following day to see how you are.

Medical Certificate

Please see the Senior Sister/Nurse in charge if you require a medical certificate to cover your day in hospital.

Medication/repeat prescriptions

On discharge, you will be given a letter to pass onto your GP on your way home or if this is inconvenient, drop it off the following day. They will be informed of the details of your treatment and condition and of any medicines you may have received, so contact him/her if you need help or advice.

Transport Home

Please arrange for a friend or relative to collect you. You must arrange for them to collect you from the Day Care Unit by car or taxi, do not arrange to meet them anywhere else in the hospital.

Follow-up care

Due to the affects from your general anaesthetic, we advise that you don’t drink alcohol, operate machinery (including cookers/kettles) or sign legal documents for 24 hours after the operation. You must not drive a car for 48 hours after a general anaesthetic, as you may not be covered by your insurance.

tick Arrange for a responsible adult to stay at home with you for 24 hours

If you feel unwell following discharge and think you need medical treatment please contact your GP who will advise you on the most appropriate treatment. This could be in the community or hospital based. Alternatively you may call the telephone helpline NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

Information for your escort

Your escort will receive a phone call either form you or one of the nurses from the Day Care Unit letting you know when you will be ready to be collected. If your escort would prefer to phone the unit before they receive this call, they can telephone 01895 279283.

It is important that you are collected from the unit, due to the type of anaesthetic you will have had. Do not arrange to meet them elsewhere in the hospital.

There are varying charges for the hospital car parks, please ensure you have the sufficient change.


Day Care Unit
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