Day Care Unit / Day Case Patients: What to expect

We perform a variety of surgical & medical procedures caring for an average of 500 patients each month. It is a mixed sex unit offering various services. We welcome you and work hard to provide top quality care, day and night, to ensure you receive the very best treatment during your visit.

Should you have any concerns about the Unit mixed sex, please feel free to discuss them with a member of Day Care Unit staff. They can be contacted Monday to Friday 7.30am to 8.00pm on telephone 01895 279283.

Be prepared

Your appointment letter will tell you which hospital you are attending, the date and time of your consultation and the name of your consultant or clinic. You will normally be expected to make your own way to the hospital. If you are a new patient and think you may need hospital transport, please tell your GP.

Arriving at the hospital

Give your name and appointment letter/card to the receptionist who will confirm your personal details and book you into the clinic. It is very important that we have a day time and evening telephone number for you in case we need to arrange to see you at short notice.

Informed consent

If you are going to undergo any procedure, the doctor/nurse will explain the full process with associated benefits and risks. Any possible alternative treatments will be discussed with you before you consent to the treatment.


Your hospital prescriptions can be dispensed at the Hospital Pharmacy, open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Normal NHS prescription charges apply.

As you leave

If you are asked to come back for another appointment, you will be given a slip by the doctor or nursing staff. Please take this to the clinic.

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Day Care Unit
Main building
Hillingdon Hospital
Direct line: 01895 279283
7.30am-8pm Monday to Friday