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Before the appointment

If your referral to Outpatients has been made from your GP via the electronic eReferrals system, see NHS eReferral Service (previously known as eReferrals) information below.

Otherwise, your referral would have been made in paper format, and sent to the relevant department. An outpatient appointment is made either by sending you a letter requesting you to contact the department to book your appointment, or contacting you on the telephone, and finally sending you an appointment confirmation letter. Please ensure that we have your most recent details on our system.

The appointment letter advises you if your appointment is at Hillingdon Hospital or Mount Vernon Hospital or one of the community locations, along with the appointment date and time, and the clinician’s name or clinic name, you are with.

To check your appointment details

Confirmation of the date and time may take two-three weeks to arrive in the post following a request for an appointment. If you are concerned that you have not heard please contact your GP or phone the Outpatient Appointment Centre 01895 279200, open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm or by email on thh.appointments@nhs.net

Appointment reminder service

Our reminder service for outpatients will provide you with a reminder seven days before your appointment, giving you the option to cancel or change, followed by a text message to your mobile number registered on our system. You will receive an automated message giving the date and time of the appointment with the option to confirm, cancel or change. The service complies with data protection and our partner company is approved by the NHS.

To change or cancel an appointment

We aim to provide you with a fast, continued care and follow the Referral to Treatment guidelines to make and change outpatient appointments. Further to the compliance, the Outpatient Appointment Centre may not be able to change the same appointment more than once, unless patients are able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances.

The preferred way to change or cancel an existing appointment is:

Online form


  • To change/re-arrange an existing appointment contact the outpatient appointment centre 01895 279200 open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.
    Email: thh.appointments@nhs.net
  • Monday morning and all lunch times are usually the busiest so please avoid telephoning during these times, if possible.
  • The outpatient appointment centre cannot provide any information on maternity, endoscopy/colonoscopy, imaging/radiology, gynaecology, Child Development Centre, day surgery/out-patient procedures. Pre-op or Post-op appointments, Mount Vernon Cancer Hospital, audiology or mental health or physiotherapy as they all have their own contact points, as advised on the appointment letter.

Please note: The Outpatient Appointment Centre currently cannot answer any queries or change or cancel appointment relating to Maternity, Endoscopy, Imaging/Radiology, Pre-op or Post-op appointments, day surgery/out-patient procedures, Audiology, Physiotherapy or Mental Health.

NHS eReferral Service

Most GPs refer their patients via the electronic system, NHS eReferral Service (previously known as eReferrals). For details on the NHS eReferral Service please visit the website on: www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/appointment-booking/pages/about-the-referral-system.aspx.

Your GP will have provided you with information on how to book, change and manage your appointments made via the NHS eReferral Service. Usually you can make your own appointments either by visiting the NHS eReferral Service website, or by calling The Telephone Line (TAL) on 0345 60 88 8 88. Calls from your landline are charged at local call rate.

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