Private patients suite (Hillingdon Consulting Rooms)

The Hillingdon Consulting Rooms is a dedicated suite at Hillingdon Hospital site.

The suite is exclusively used by consultants to undertake private outpatient consultations and has recently undergone modernisation to ensure the environment is warm and welcoming for all visitors.

The unit is centrally located within the hospital and is easy to access via its own entrance at the front of the hospital near to the main car park.

Insured patients:  The department is recognised by various private health insurance companies and is accredited to undertake private outpatient activity.

Self-paying patients: Our services can also be accessed by self paying patients at affordable rates.

Consultancy and Diagnostic Services: We aim to offer the very best in consultancy and diagnostic services to our patients and have a variety to choose from:

(including laser treatment)
Dr S George
Mr P Bloom
Mr N Lee
Dr S Dubrey
Dr Georgios Karagiannis
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Miss V Cook
Mr I Chilcott
(including medical legal reports)
Mr D Houlihan-Burne
Mr J Smith
Mr A Ahearne
Dr Menakya
Dr A Khakoo
Respiratory Medicine
Dr P Wills
Anaesthetics / Pain Management
Dr Weinbrein
Dr D Smith
Oral & Maxillofacial
Mr M Kumar
Diabetic & Endocrinology
Dr M Edwards
General Surgery
Mr T Paes
Dr P Hill
Dr Woodham
Mr Myers
Dr Postgate
Mr Harris
Clinical Support Services which support private practice:
including plain films, ultrasound, interventional, nuclear medicine, CT, MRI
including biochemistry, haematology & microbiology

Process for a private consultation:

  1. A patient decides that they would like to visit a Consultant for a private consultation (The patient's GP can normally advise which specialty is required).
  2. Insured patients are advised to ring their insurance company to obtain authorisation for the private consultation and to obtain coverage confirmation.
  3. The patient (insured or self-paying) is requested to obtain a referral letter from their GP. (Please note, a patient can still be seen for a consultation even if a referral letter is not available). 
  4. The patient/GP rings The Consulting Rooms to book an appointment with the required consultant.
  5. The patient attends for appointment and brings insurance details (if applicable) and referral letter with them to their appointment.
  6. Insurance company/patient is billed for professional and (if any) hospital fees.

If you are interested in arranging a private consultation or require any further information please contact: 01895 279920 or email: or

Are you a visitor to the UK, looking for treatment?

A private consultation can be arranged for an overseas patient only if the consultant is happy to take on their care in the UK (payment may be requested prior to consultation).

Visitors to the UK are not entitled to receive free NHS treatment unless they meet an exemption category as detailed in the Guidance for overseas visitors to the UK

A nurse taking blood pressure of a seated man

Hillingdon Consulting Rooms
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