Emergency Department

We have an Emergency Department which sees approximately 135,000 at Hillingdon, which includes the Urgent Care Centre.

In addition, approximately 29500 are seen in the Minor Injuries Unit at our Mount Vernon Hospital site.  We see both adult and paediatric patients.

Our emergency care services include:
  • Emergency Department (also known as 'Accident and Emergency' or 'A&E') at Hillingdon Hospital
  • Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) at Hillingdon Hospital
  • Minor Injuries Unit at Mount Vernon Hospital.

Are you sure you need to go to the Emergency Department? Think before you visit.

Choose the right care

If you are injured or seriously ill, you can go to the Emergency Department by yourself or get friends/family to take you. In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. If you are not sure if it is an emergency, call 111 for NHS telephone service when you need medical help fast, but when it isn’t a 999 emergency. Simple cuts, bruises and sprains can usually be treated at home, by a GP or in an NHS walk-in centre or a Minor Injuries Unit.

Choosing the right care ensures you receive the right care at the right time and that emergency medical care is available to those people who need it the most.

Emergency Department »

Our Emergency Department provides emergency care and treatment to all patients who present with a serious illness or injury. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your GP may refer you to the Emergency Department because you need urgent assessment and treatment that they are unable to provide in the community, for conditions such as suspected stroke or appendicitis. They may give you a letter, which you need to hand to the front desk upon your arrival, after which you will be directed to where you need to be and which team you need to be seen by. This may be a different hospital speciality.

When you arrive at the Emergency Department, you will be assessed by a nurse or doctor to determine the severity of your condition. You may need tests and/or procedures and may be seen and treated by other nurses and doctors.

Please note: We see patients according to the urgency of their medical need and not in order of their time of arrival.

Many people can go straight home after treatment, but we may admit you to a ward at Hillingdon Hospital or transfer you to another hospital for care, if necessary. On discharge we may ask you to see your GP for follow-up care or we may refer you to a specialist out-patient clinic. For example, if you have broken a bone you may be referred to the Orthopaedic Team (bone specialists) to be seen in the fracture clinic.

Our staff should be able to carry out their work without fearing for their safety. We do not tolerate any threatening or aggressive behaviours towards staff.

Key areas of our Emergency Department »

The Emergency Department is divided into four key areas.
  • The Resuscitation Area is for the most seriously ill or injured patients.
  • The Majors Area is for the assessment and treatment of major illnesses.
  • The Paediatric Emergency Department which sees all patients under the age of 16. This has recently been rebuilt and has reopened in 2016 with a marked increase in staffing numbers ensuring 24/7 paediatric specialist cover.

The team »

Our Emergency Department team consists of adult and paediatric consultants and nurses. We work closely with other departments in our hospitals to ensure that patients are diagnosed and treated promptly. Ranjit Kooner is the Deputy Assistant Director of Operations and Dr Ehsan Riaz is the Clinical Lead for Adults. The Lead Clinician for Paediatrics is Dr Jaikumar Ganapathi. Our Minor Injuries Unit is run by a team of emergency nurse practitioners. The Lead Emergency Nurse Practitioner is Linda Hurst. Our Urgent Care Centre is run by teams of GPs, specialist nurses and emergency doctors who provide prompt assessment, treatment and advice.

Accident & Emergency Consultants

A&E Department
01895 279420
Dr Zeshan Ahmed
Specialty Doctor Accident and Emergency
Dr Yew Aw Yong
Associate Specialist Accident & Emergency
Dr Younis Barwary
Specialty Doctor Accident and Emergency
Dr A Basu
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Jeremy Bish
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr Paul Bisnar
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr J Carruth
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Allen Demanya
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr Ingrida Gaileviciute
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr Saad Ghauri
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr A Greenland
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Zalmai Hamza
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr J Johal
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Ivo Kolev
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr Chandike Mallawaarachchi
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr A Ngassa
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Adewale Oludemi
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Zena Putris
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr K Saraya
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Nichole Shahi
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr Thushyanthy Shanmuganathan
Specialty Doctor Accident & Emergency
Dr Marta Sowa
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Shanthini Thirrupathy
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Raluca Treacy
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Fiona Wisniacki
Consultant Accident & Emergency
Dr Shanti Ramraj
Consultant Accident & Emergency

Location: Pield Heath Road, Hillingdon

Contact details »

Emergency Department Reception - 01895 279314
Emergency Department Secretary (Cheryl Ronan) - 01895 279164.

Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) »

At Hillingdon Hospital the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) is run by Greenbrook Health Care. The UTC is for when you have an urgent or severe condition or minor injury that cannot wait for a GP appointment (usually 48 hours).

You will be seen by an experienced GP and/or Emergency Nurse Practitioner or Emergency Care Practitioner who are a team of clinicians with skills in urgent care and minor injuries.

When you go to the UTC, your condition will be assessed by an experienced clinician and if it is serious or life-threatening, you will be transferred immediately to the Emergency Department or will be sent to the most relevant specialist service.

If you attend the UTC but do not need urgent care, you may be redirected to your own GP, or other services such as the pharmacy or dental service.

Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) »

Our Minor Injuries Unit is based at Mount Vernon Hospital, for patients with less serious injuries (see examples below). Last year we saw in excess of 24,000 patients.

You will be treated by specially trained nurses who have experience and expertise of treating people with minor injuries quickly and efficiently. They will contact a senior doctor when necessary.

We have full Emergency Department services at Hillingdon Hospital. The MIU is open 9am-8pm, seven days a week, every day except Christmas Day.

The waiting times at the MIU are usually much shorter than those in the Emergency Department, as staff at Hillingdon must give priority to serious and life-threatening conditions. You do not need an appointment to visit the MIU.

For telephone advice, please ring NHS 111.

What is a Minor Injury?
  • Cuts, grazes and bruising
  • Wounds, including those that may need stitches
  • Minor burns and scalds
  • Tetanus immunization after an injury
  • Removal of foreign bodies from eyes, nose or ears
  • Minor eye problems, including removal of contact lenses
  • Insect bites or other animal bites
  • Minor head injury where there has been no loss of consciousness or vomiting, and no residual symptoms i.e. headache, nausea, visual disturbance, dizziness or any other symptom of concussion.
  • Removal of rings, earrings and studs
  • Minor injuries to legs below the knee, and arms below the shoulder, where you can bear the weight through your foot or move your fingers
  • Minor nose bleeds
  • Emergency contraception

Please note : We cannot X-ray children below the age of four. They must be seen at our Emergency Department at Hillingdon Hospital. We can only X-ray from shoulder to finger and from knee to toe. All other X-rays must be taken at our Emergency Department at Hillingdon Hospital. Some wounds over 12 hours old may be unsuitable for stitches and on occasions these maybe referred to the Emergency Department.

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