Alderbourne and Daniel's Rehabilitation Unit

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Alderbourne Rehabilitation Unit is a 20-bed level 2 specialist rehabilitation unit providing multidisciplinary rehabilitation for patients with neurological and other complex conditions. It has been providing specialist rehabilitation services for over two decades. Daniel’s Rehabilitation Unit is a 16-bed level 2 rehabilitation unit at Mount Vernon Hospital. The combined Hillingdon Specialist Rehabilitation Service admits patients from Hillingdon, Harrow, Ealing, Hounslow, Berkshire and adjoining areas, and works closely with Charing Cross Neurorehabilitation Unit - having shared protocols, staff and policies.

Alderbourne and Daniel’s Units operate a joint referral, assessment and admission process as well as a single waiting list. Therefore only one referral is required.

Charing Cross Neurorehabilitation Unit (CNRU): CNRU is a 15 bed interim level 2 inpatient service for patients registered with Hammersmith & Fulham, central London, or West London CCGs. Inpatient admission can range from between 4-12 weeks. The Hillingdon Specialist Rehabilitation Service works closely with Charing Cross Neurorehabilitation Unit having shared protocols, staff and policies.


  • Holistic care involving patient, family and carers
  • A high quality empathetic service to all
  • Evidence-based service in line with local and national standards
  • Co-ordination of a timely discharge to an appropriate discharge destination with ongoing needs/care plan identified.

Staff and facilities

Our multidisciplinary team consists of consultants in rehabilitation medicine, consultant neurologists, junior doctors, clinical psychologist, a clinical nurse specialist in MS and rehabilitation, rehabilitation nurses and health care assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dietetics and therapy assistant practitioners. Both units have fully equipped gyms with a secure entry and exit system.

We have links with allied specialities including rheumatology, gastroenterology, surgery, urology, palliative care, neurology and neuro-radiology, acute and chronic pain as well as liaison psychiatry. The Alderbourne and Daniel's Rehabilitation Unit has access to 24/7 acute medical, on-call cover, as well as radiology, pathology, intensive care and a critical care outreach team. As such, patients who are likely to require complex medical interventions over weekends and evenings will be admitted to the Alderbourne and Daniel's Rehabilitation Unit (this includes tracheostomy patients).


Outpatient clinics: Referrals by any healthcare professionals »

  • Multidisciplinary assessment clinics
  • Spasticity clinics - including the use of botox and follow up splinting
  • Rehabilitation follow-up clinics
  • Neurology MS clinics
  • MS & rehab nurse clinics
  • Psychology clinics
  • Outpatient physiotherapy

Criteria for inpatient rehabilitation »

The following criteria must be met for an individual to be accepted by our service:

  • The individual has clearly identified inpatient rehabilitation goals
  • Confirmed funding stream
  • Must be aged 18 and over 
  • Medically stable and able to participate in rehabilitation
  • The individual has rehabilitation potential on assessment       
  • There are realistic goals with achievable timescales for the stay in the unit

Referral process »

The two units operate a combined assessment process and waiting list. Priority for admission to either unit is based on clinical need and service capacity rather than the date of referral. Referrals to the service can be made directly by any healthcare professional.

If you have access, referrals can be made using BadgerNet (North West London Neurology Referral Management System) or alternatively complete our inpatient referral form and send (by secure email only) to

Any further enquiries about our processes should be directed to our secretary on 01895 279 964.

Referral form (pdf, 83KB)


Rehabilitation Department
01895 279 964
Sara Ahsan
Speciality Doctor Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr A Nair
01895 279806, Consultant
Dr M Nayar
020 3311 1950, Consultant

Contact details »

  • Hillingdon Rehabilitation service secretary: 01895 279 964
  • Alderbourne reception (appointments, general info etc): 01895 279 739
  • Alderbourne Unit nurses station: 01895 279 661
  • Daniel's Unit nurses station: 01923 844 285
  • ARU physiotherapy & occupational therapy office: 01895 279 947
  • ARU speech and language therapy office: 01895 279 139
  • Daniels Unit Therapy Team (PT, OT & SLT): 01923 844 679

Hillingdon Specialist Rehabilitation Service

Therapy leads:
Helen Johnston (
Cathy Gunn (

Nursing leads:
Raj Seepersad (
Helena Gomes Delgado ( )

Charing Cross Neurorehabilitation Unit

Lead therapy:
Kirsty Lethall (

Dr Ajoy Nair (
Dr Meenakshi Nayar (

Who will I meet? »


The rehabilitation medicine consultants and consultant neurologists are responsible for your care.  The consultants do ward rounds each week and have a team of junior doctors who look after your daily medical needs.

Nursing staff

Nurses are involved in all aspects of your care. They work closely with the therapists, promoting your independence in the ward environment throughout the 24 hour period.

Speech and language therapists

A speech and language therapist will assess and provide therapy for any communication difficulties that are a result of your diagnosis. They will also assess and provide intervention for any difficulty you may be experiencing with your ability to swallow safely.


Physiotherapists will assess all aspects of your mobility and help you regain as much movement as possible.  They may provide you with mobility and transfer aids as well as a personalised exercise plan.

Occupational therapists

Your occupational therapist will offer advice and help you manage practical tasks of personal care and activities of daily living.  They may visit your home to look at the environment and recommend changes or provide equipment to facilitate your discharge home.


The psychologist is available to assess and advise if you are having any difficulties with areas such as memory and planning, or your sense of wellbeing.


Your food intake may be reduced because of problems with swallowing; the dietician will give you advice regarding your nutritional needs.

Rehabilitation engineers

ARU is co-located with the North Thames Environmental Control and Equipment Service which provides electronic assistive technology for patients with complex disability. Rehabilitation engineers are experts in assessing your assistive technology needs.

Our locations »

Charing Cross Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit
9 South Ward
Charing Cross Hospital
Fulham Palace Road
London W6 8RF
Tel: 0203 311 1950
Fax: 0203 313 0609

Alderbourne Unit
Hillingdon Hospital
Pield Heath Road
Tel: 01895 279964

Daniel’s Unit
Mount Vernon Hospital
Rickmansworth Road
Tel: 01923 844285

Patient interviews

We have three patient interviews, discussing their rehabilitation in Daniel's Ward.