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Hillingdon has five dedicated, 'one-stop', new-patient clinics. The Breast Unit provides a rapid diagnostic service for women referred by their GP with breast symptoms. A mammogram and breast ultrasound scans can be carried out during the first clinic visit and information about results may be discussed the same day. Often a biopsy may be required and this is also taken at the first visit. We aim to see a patient-referral patient within two weeks. Women under the age of 30 years will be seen in a NON one-stop clinic. Therefore if any examinations are required, a second visit may be necessary.

Fortunately most women attending the breast unit can be reassured as soon as possible that they don't have breast cancer. For others it may not be so, and a breast nurse specialist is available for advice, support and information about treatments, and throughout the recovery process.

Patients are referred from their GP to one of our following clinics:

Monday PM
Mr V Kaplan / Mr A Chakravorty - One-stop clinic
Tuesday AM
Mr A Chakravorty - Results and post-op clinic
Tuesday PM
Mr V Kaplan / Mr A Chakravorty - One-stop clinic
Wednesday AM
Mr V Kaplan / Mr A Chakravorty - One-stop clinic Mr Babu - Results and post-op clinic
Thursday AM
Mr Babu - One-stop clinic Mr V Kaplan - Results and post-op clinic
Thursday PM
Mr V Kaplan / Mr A Chakravorty - One-stop clinic


  • Mr E D Babu – Consultant Surgeon and Lead Clinician, has a special interest in Endocrine and General Surgery
  • Mr A Chakravorty - Breast Surgeon and Oncoplastic Surgeon
  • Mr V Kaplan – Locum Consultant
  • Dr A Guppy - Consultant Medical Oncologist
  • Dr C Westbury - Consultant Clinical Oncologist
  • Dr N Chetty – Locum Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr E Hughes – Lead Consultant for breast imaging
  • Dr P Siebenhadl-Wolff - Consultant Radiologist
  • Mrs N Teuton – Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Mrs T A Leeson - Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Mrs W Bannister - Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Dr Seema Rodwell-Shah - Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr Jasmin Lee - Consultant Pathologist

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