Department of Spiritual and Pastoral Care

When I was sick you visited me”

A Spiritual and Pastoral Care Centre was opened at Hillingdon Hospital on 19 April 2002, as a multi-faith space with a large chapel, an Islamic prayer room and offices. It is located on the lower level, below the main entrance to the hospital.

Chaplain and volunteers

The Trust’s chaplain is available for our patients, carers and staff. Our service is for everyone of faith, or no faith. We promote and support all spiritual paths and religions in our hospital. The chaplain and a team of volunteers do this at both Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospitals.

Islamic prayer room

The Islamic prayer room has a code to open its door, available at Main Reception of the chaplain’s office.

Chapels at Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon

The chapel has facilities for all world faiths to worship and pray, available for staff, patient and visitor alike. The opening times are 7.30am-8pm.
A prayer room is available at Mount Vernon Hospital, near to the Main Reception.

Memorial services

Babies: Families are invited twice a year to memorial services for the loss of babies over the past months, and for mothers who wish to remember their babies in this way.

Staff: When a member of staff passes away, their colleagues often like to work with the chapel for memorial services.


Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279433

Mount Vernon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279433
E. and N. Herts Cancer Centre
Michael Sobell House

Roman Catholic Mass: Sundays at 2pm
No service when a priest is not available

Islamic Friday prayers: Fridays at 1pm in the Chapel

Jesus Reigns Ministries: services arranged periodically

Chaplaincy window

Telephone: 01895 279433

Roman Catholic Mass
Sundays at 2pm
No service when a priest is not available

Islamic prayers
Fridays at 1pm in the chapel

Jesus Reigns Ministries: services arranged periodically