Minor Injuries Unit

Please note the Minor Injuries Unit is currently closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A&E at Hillingdon Hospital is open as usual.

Our Minor Injuries Unit is based at Mount Vernon Hospital, for patients with minor injuries and illness that require urgent treatment that cannot be seen by your registered GP.

The waiting times at Minor Injuries are usually much shorter than those in A&E as staff must give priority to serious and life-threatening conditions. You do not need an appointment to visit the Minor Injuries Unit. For telephone advice, please ring NHS Directon 0845 4647.

Which conditions are treated at the Minor Injuries Unit?

The Minor Injuries Unit treats minor injuries and illnesses that require urgent treatment.

  • minor illnesses
  • cuts and grazes
  • minor scalds and burns
  • strains and sprains
  • bites and stings
  • minor head injuries
  • ear and throat infections
  • minor skin infections / rashes
  • minor eye conditions / infections
  • stomach pains
  • suspected fractures.

Please note

  • We cannot X-ray children below the age of four. They must be seen at our Accident & Emergency department
  • We can only X-ray from shoulder to finger and from knee to toe. All other X-rays must be taken at our Accident & Emergency department
  • Some wounds over 12 hours old may be unsuitable for stitches and on occasions these maybe referred  to Accident & Emergency.
Female nurse dressing a cut on a woman's hand

Minor Injuries Unit
Mount Vernon Hospital