Peter Pan and Wendy Wards

Peter Pan ward is a general paediatric ward and has a mixture of beds and cubicles (depending on child’s age and medical condition). It is the children’s emergency/ long stay admission ward.

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Wendy ward is the children’s day care/ambulatory care ward. Children attend for a variety of medical and surgical day care procedures and reviews and it is home to the paediatric phlebotomy service which runs on an appointment system. If attending for day surgery you will have be invited to attend the ward a few weeks before your admission for a pre-operative assessment.

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Both wards deal with a variety of specialities including oncology, haematology, orthopaedics, general surgery, general medicine, dental, ophthalmology and urology to name a but few.

Arriving at the Wards

Both Peter Pan and Wendy Ward are located in the Paediatric Unit (lower ground floor, Hillingdon Hospital). This unit is about 10 minutes' walk from the main hospital, and to gain entry you will need to use our intercom. There is car parking next to the unit.

The majority of the patients in Peter Pan Ward arrive on the ward from A&E whereas those attending Wendy Ward general come directly from home. Either way you will be met on arrival to the ward and shown to you bed space. Coming into hospital can be a frightening experience for anyone and is particularly so for children. Planning ahead if possible can make this easier. Please remember to bring your child’s favourite toy, comforter or bottle.  All the beds in Peter Pan ward have a parent’s overnight chair bed next to them and we welcome parents staying with their child.

Food and drink

Meals are provided for the children at 08.00, 12.00 and 17.30hrs. We do not provide meals for parents but will offer toast and a drink first thing in the morning. The ward recognises that children eat at varying times during the day so bread, sandwich spreads such as Marmite and peanut butter, and fruit are available at all times. We also have a microwave and parents' fridge on the unit so you may bring in food from home. This must be clearly labelled and food brought in from home remains the responsibility of the parents. If your child has any special dietary needs please let your nurse know on admission.

Ward facilities

Bedside TVs / telephones are available. TV is free for children until 7pm after which they will need a Patient Line card (can be bought by ward entrance). If watching after 9pm please use headphones. The Unit also has a resident parent bathroom and toilets, also a microwave, play room, computer games, videos, DVDs and a garden. In line with the Trust no smoking policy we do not allow smoking in our garden.

Although the ward offers patient line phones many parents and children wish to use their own mobiles. If you choose to do this we ask where possible that you use these in our play room, garden or main entrance. The use of photography on the mobile phone is not permitted unless for medical reasons.

Doctors' rounds

All children admitted will be looked after by a medical team led by a consultant. The consultant in charge of your child’s care will depend on your child’s diagnosis. As both wards deal with a number of specialities we also deal with a number of medical teams. The paediatric team or children’s medical doctors do a ward round every morning between 09.30 and 12.00. The ward round times of the other specialities varies depending on their other commitments.

Wendy Ward operates a nurse run service and so has no ward rounds. Instead your nurse will mange your child’s care unless there are specific issues that have been identified during their operation.

Medical reviews on Wendy Ward are carried out by the paediatric doctors.


Both the ward areas offer teaching placements for student doctors and nurses and you will commonly see them involved in the delivery of your care. They are always supervised by qualified staff. If at any time you would prefer they were not present during an examination please let one of the nurses know.

Leaving hospital

During the ward round you will be notified if your child is ready to leave. Your nurse will then come and explain the processes, such as arranging appointments or getting medication. Procedures and medication will be clearly explained to you.

Day care patients will be discharged by their nurse in a similar manner once they meet our agreed discharge criteria.

On discharge your general practitioner will be sent an electronic summary of your hospital admission. You will receive a copy of this letter either on discharge or shortly afterwards by post.

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Peter Pan Ward
& Wendy Ward

Lower Ground Floor
Hillingdon Hospital
Peter Pan telephone: 01895 279529
Wendy Ward telephone: 01895 279530