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Research and Development Annual Report

The Research and Development service produce an annual reports that describes our research activity and spend on research during the year. It covers the period April to March and is presented to the Trust Board at the September meeting. The R&D Office is also expected to contribute to the Trusts quality account and produce an annual report for the Comprehensive Research Network that demonstrates how we have ‘spent’ the research funding received by the organisation.

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Research and Development Steering Group

The Research and Development Steering group is the group that advised the Trust on all matters relating to Research and Development in the Trust. It is chaired by the Dr Simon Dubrey the R&D Director for the Trust.


Ambulance bay

Research & Development
Greenacres Centre
Hillingdon Hospital
Tel: 01895 279021

Dr Simon Dubrey
R&D Director

Geraldine Landers
R&D Manager