Maternity Services Liaison Committee

Had your baby? Now have your say

Keen to be involved in shaping and improving maternity services in Hillingdon? Join the user group that feeds into our Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) and have your say.

MSLC meeting
The committee aims to ensure parents' views of local maternity services are taken into account when commissioning those services. It's one of the main ways that health workers can hear opinions and experiences of parents using the service.
  • Maternity services include:
  • Ante-natal care eg. check-ups with midwife, scans and doctor appointments at hospital
  • Care during labour and delivery, at home or in hospital
  • Postnatal care by midwives and health visitors
  • Breastfeeding your baby

Who's on the committee? »

The committee of about 30 people is made up of a main committee and sub-groups who handle different aspects of care. You, the users, have a sub-group who meet monthly. A user representative sits on all the steering groups and on the main committee. So that is how important your input is to us! The committee also has NHS midwives, health visitors, doctors and representatives of community groups (including GPs, children's centre managers and parents who live in Hillingdon).

What happens in the meetings? »

MSLC meetings discuss a variety of issues, from practical details to policy issues (eg. reviewing the local home birth rate, Caesarean section rates and breastfeeding promotion). Parent members are encouraged to express opinions and suggestions. You may also be asked to 'walk the patch' in your local postnatal groups to hear experiences and opinions of parents who have recently had babies at Hillingdon, so you can represent these at the next meeting. Mums and dads are equally welcome.

Tell me more about the work »

The work is interesting and rewarding. It can give you the skills and confidence to help you with your other work and looks great on a CV. It's voluntary but you can claim reasonable expenses to attend meetings and walk the patch, such as costs of travel to meetings, childcare to attend meetings, stationery, postage and telephone calls.

We'll give you an introduction of the hospital and introduce you to other user members. Additional support and training will be provided as you require it.

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For further information:
Doreen West, (Chair)