Antenatal care

Appointments and scans

At our antenatal clinic, we monitor and promote the wellbeing of mother and unborn baby. Midwives and doctors provide information and advice as well as monitoring, consultation and any necessary treatment.

We provide antenatal care for all women in our care. Antenatal clinics and hospital consultations are available at Hillingdon Hospital, and you can also receive support from midwives and GPs at home.

Antenatal tests

Many routine tests are offered to women during the course of their pregnancy. Blood tests are offered early on to screen for infections that could affect the baby and to check the woman's blood group. Urine tests check for infections, protein and sugar. Ultrasound scans determine the position of the placenta and look for any physical problem that could affect the baby or delivery. Women may also be offered a variety of other screening tests.