The Duchess of Kent Unit for Women & Newborn Babies

We are currently only allowing one birth partner due to Covid-19.


Here in the Duchess of Kent Maternity Unit at Hillingdon Hospital, we help up to 5,000 women, who choose to book their maternity care with us, give birth and receive antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care in a variety of settings including Children’s Centres, community and health centres, as well as Hillingdon, Mount Vernon and Ealing hospitals.

To enable our women to follow the most appropriate care pathway for their individual needs, we offer a wide range of birth choices

Choice of birth options

The Homebirth Pathway is available for low-risk women, and you are supported by an experienced team of Midwives.
The Midwifery-Led Care Pathway is available for low-risk pregnant women under the care of an experienced midwifery team, and you will labour and deliver in our Birth Centre.
The Delivery Suite Low-Risk Pathway ensures you are cared for by a team of Midwives who support you in low-risk care. You will be encouraged to be mobile and use less intervention throughout your labour. However, should you need an epidural, this is available.
The Maternity Team Pathway is available to all women who need a variety of midwifery and obstetric team care. Our Consultants practise both Obstetrics and Gynaecology, covering a wide range of specialities between them.

Whatever your choice of birth, there is a team of professionals available to talk through your options, and to enable you to have the most appropriate care pathway for your individual needs.

  • You might also find this leaflet useful: Choices for place of birth (PDF, 1.4Mb)
  • Visiting times (all maternity wards): Partners/siblings of the baby (only): 8am-6pm. Other visitors: 6-8pm. Labour Ward - there is no routine visiting other than birth partners (a maximum of two people).

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