Our services: Why choose us

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When you find out you are pregnant, you can choose where you want to receive your maternity care during pregnancy, birth and beyond; and you can change your mind at any stage.

Our vision statement

Our vision is to lead the way in providing first class, safe maternity care that offers choice, individualised continuity and that has the family at the heart of everything we do.

We will do this by working in partnership to provide outstanding maternity services that are evidence-based and in line with the recommendations of the national maternity review ‘Better Births’.

Working as a collaborative Local Maternity System, we will build trust and break down boundaries across our area. By doing this we aim to improve the clinical outcomes and care experience for women and families using our services.

Our service

At the Duchess of Kent Maternity Unit we believe in ensuring that women and their families experience a service that caters to her individualised needs using best evidence-led practice, in line with our Trust CARES values.

Our aim is to be the best maternity unit in the country providing excellence in care that women and staff are proud to be involved with. We will do this in partnership with women, staff, other health agencies and the wider community, to develop a service that is outstanding in its commitment to care.

We provide maternity support for up to 5,000 mothers and babies each year, providing all aspects of obstetric and midwifery care.

Our services include:

  • An 11-bedded delivery suite with two maternity theatres and recovery area
  • A four-bedded Midwifery Led Unit
  • Water birth facilities
  • A dedicated Homebirth Team
  • Maternity triage
  • A 13-bedded antenatal ward
  • 24 postnatal beds
  • A six-bedded Transitional Care Unit
  • Neonatal and Special Care Baby Unit
  • Maternity Day Assessment Unit
  • Community midwifery and obstetric services

We hope that you will have a straightforward pregnancy, but if you do experience any complications then you will have access to a wide range of experts who can provide specialist advice and care. Our team includes Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Specialist Midwife Nurses, Neonatologists and Anaesthetists. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed and treated with care and dignity at every stage of your journey.

The National Maternity Review 'Better Births'

Our commitment to improving maternity services (in partnership with the North West London Local Maternity System)

“For maternity services across England to become safer, more personalised, kinder, professional and more family friendly; where every woman has access to information to enable her to make decisions about her care; and where she and her baby can access support that is centred around their individual needs and circumstances.

"And for all staff to be supported to deliver care which is woman-centred, working in high performing teams, in organisations which are well led and in cultures which promote innovation, continuous learning and break down organisational and professional boundaries.”

Hillingdon maternity unit is working alongside the rest of North West London to implement changes and improve not only patient experience and outcomes but sustainability following the National Maternity Review 2016.

There are six work streams we participate in in order to achieve this:

    1. Choice & Personalisation - All women have access and use of a Personalised Care Plan (PCP), this is now a mandatory requirement. NWL has done this through the creation of the ‘Mum & Baby’ App which is free to download on Android and iOS. You will be guided to these on referral and reminded throughout your pregnancy to complete them in order to improve and better individualise your care.
    2. Continuity of Care - Following the review of maternity services (Better Births 2016) demonstrating the positive effects and improvement in outcomes for women and their babies, NHS England set a target of 100% women to be booked onto continuity of care pathways. NW London is on track to meet the target. From this came the birth and continuation of our continuity teams- Homebirth, Midwife-Led Unit, TOPAZ and Jasmine team, who between them provide care to a large percentage of pregnant women.
    3. Safer Care -We are working tirelessly to ensure our already low mortality rates are reduced. Staff have been provided with extra training opportunities and introduced to new and upcoming evidence/interventions at the earliest point possible to ensure we deliver up to date, safe and evidence-based care.
    4. Postnatal & Perinatal Mental Health - We have lots of projects to improve postnatal care and experiences. Our Maternity Voices Partnership is speaks on service user’s behalf to feedback and implement changes to aid this. They often carry out exercises such as ’15 steps’ or ‘walk the patch’ which comprise of groups of a mixture of staff and service users walking around the wards and unit, providing feedback on how they felt and what could be improved which is then taken to the senior meetings and discussed further to ensure a plan is made to implement the necessary changes. If you are interested in partaking or having your say in your local maternity service please visit the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) section of our webpage to see how.
    5. Workforce & Multidisciplinary Working - This incorporates our MVP who not only perform exercises discussed above but host Bi-Monthly meetings which anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. These meetings allow for patient experiences/feedback to be heard as well as further discussions into what can be done or ideas around what can be done to improve the service. This work stream also oversees our very exciting new Maternity Support Worker (MSW) apprenticeship pilot programme which aims to train MSW’s to a standardised level throughout NWL allowing for better movement and realistic expectations from staff as well as excellent opportunities for training and progression.
    6. Digital- This work stream oversees our Mum & Baby app a well as all of the exciting on-going work that is happening behind the scenes to bring NWL into the future that is digital, so watch this space.