Your pregnancy

Folic acid

We advise all pregnant women to take folic acid tablets for the first twelve weeks of their pregnancy. For most women the dose is 400micrograms (0.4mg a day). If your risk of having a child with a spinal cord problem is increased then the dose is higher, (5mg a day – you will need a prescription for a higher dose). If you think you are at risk, speak to your doctor or midwife.

Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination

Getting vaccinated while you’re pregnant is highly effective in protecting your baby from developing whooping cough in the first few weeks of their life.

The immunity you get from the vaccine will pass to your baby through the placenta and provide passive protection for them until they are old enough to be routinely vaccinated against whooping cough at two months old.

You can get the vaccine at your GP surgery or health centre. For further information please follow the link:

Flu vaccination

The flu jab will protect both you and your baby. There is good evidence that pregnant women have a higher chance of developing complications if they get flu, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. For further information please follow the link:

Zika virus

For guidance on sexual transmission and methods of prevention, please click the following link

Patient leaflets

We have a lot of helpful information and leaflets for you to read in our Useful Resources section