Mum and Baby app

Phone with app on screen

The highly commended Mum & Baby app now includes advice for all stages of pregnancy as well as considerably extended content on labour and birth, plus the first eight weeks after a baby is born.

The new version, commissioned by the NHS North West London Local Maternity System, gives specific information about the service offered by The Hillingdon Hsopitals NHS Foundation Trust and contacts details for women giving birth in this region of London.. All the information provided has been approved by the team of midwives and doctors from all six hospitals in the system as best and consistent clinical advice, and in consultation with women who have given birth, to address all the worries that new mums might have.

Another new feature of Mum & Baby is the provision of personalised plans for the antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal phases and an opportunity to reflect on the birth experience. The plans can be printed at any stage for discussion with the woman’s maternity and postnatal teams. Different types of appointments can be scheduled and personal notes made for discussion at those appointments.

The app is free to download in iOS and Android formats. Midwife project manager, Helen Maric said: "Co-produced by a team of service users and clinicians (or maternity specialists) in North West London, this app provides women and families with fingertip access to clinically recommended sources of information and support, empowering the user to make choices about, and to personalise their journey through NHS maternity services."

Video still showing two cartoon women discussing birth choices
You can find a useful video explaining your birth choices - in English with Gujurati, Punjabi, Arabic and Polish subtitles - by clicking the picture above.