Specialist services

Every day, on average, 15 babies are born in our Maternity Unit at Hillingdon Hospital and we pride ourselves on being the hospital of choice for thousands of expectant mothers.

Our highly-skilled team of consultants, obstetricians and midwives are here to support you, from the time you find out you are pregnant to the birth of your baby and in the first weeks of parenthood. Most importantly, we aim to offer a sensitive and flexible service to meet the specific needs of you and your family. For women who need extra support we offer specialist services with staff who have specific clinical expertise in that area.

Our specialist servives are listed below.

Fetal medicine service »

This service is led by 3 fetal medicine consultants together with senior sonographers and 2 specialist midwives. Services include; high risk scanning clinics. fetal cardiac scans, amniocentesis, non-invasive pre-natal testing (NIPT), genetic counselling services, counselling / support and case loading for woman who need additional support during their pregnancy.

We are perceptive and responsive to the needs of our women and their families where there are concerns about their pregnancy.  We liaise closely with our local paediatricians and the fetal medicine teams at Queen Charlottes and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals and will refer onto these specialist centres if your baby needs specialist intervention before or after birth.We work as a team in order to achieve the best outcome for mum and baby.

Diabetic service »

We have a long-established specialist clinic for women who have diabetes before they become pregnant and those who develop diabetes in pregnancy. It is run by a consultant endocrinologist, consultant obstetrician and three diabetic specialist midwives. The midwives offer close support for women who need to make dietary changes or take medications to improve their blood sugar control.

The clinic meets the needs of those women with pre-existing diabetes as well as those with diabetes diagnosed in pregnancy. Women are supported with dietary advice and health counselling in order to reduce the impact of their diagnosis on their pregnancy and improve their future health.

Plus-size pregnancy service »

This is run by a consultant obstetrician and a midwife with an (interest) expertise in dietary health and exercise during pregnancy. It is well known that excess weight gain during pregnancy can have a negative impact. This service was established to support the growing need within our population to advise women of the health risks, and support them to reduce these. They receive one-to-one advice and help on how to eat healthily in pregnancy and after the baby is born, together with practical advice on exercise. Great results have been achieved with this dedicated counselling.

Obstetric haematology service »

This is a monthly clinic run by a consultant haematologist and consultant obstetrician with an interest in maternal medicine.

Haematological disorders can have a huge impact on pregnancy. These risks are minimised by a multidisciplinary approach with counselling and delivery planning. Disorders reviewed in the clinic include platelet problems and women with a history of thrombosis.

Maternal mental health service »

It is well know that 10 per cent of women will suffer postnatal depression. This figure does not include the number of women who will have pre-existing mental health disorders or those who suffer from antenatal depression and anxiety disorders. This clinic was designed to review those women with a significant past history, those on medication currently and women with a high risk of mental health disorder. It offers a medication review and referral to psychological therapies or psychiatry as needed.

The service involves antenatal and postnatal planning with communication with community professionals via the lead obstetrician and specialist midwife.

We have successfully treated and managed many women to achieve mental stability by support throughout their pregnancy.

Pelvic floor service »

This team is a formed of a consultant urogynaecologist and consultant colorectal surgeon if they have had delivery complications involving the pelvic floor. This ensures that women are fully prepared for their next delivery if planned and addressees their long term health. The service is dedicated to maximising their recovery and to make plans for the next delivery.

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