Wards, clinics and contacts

We are here to provide you with care throughout your pregnancy, birth and after delivery, providing specialist advice and support. Our staff make sure any stay or visit is comfortable and informed. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed and treated with care and dignity at every stage of your journey.


Midwives care for your needs during your pregnancy, both in hospital and community settings. They will help you to plan your choice of care and delivery. You may also be seen by a student midwife or medical student from Imperial College, with your agreement, but your care will always be overseen by a qualified midwife or doctor. If any complications develop you will be referred to one of our obstetricians.

Maternity support workers and health care assistants assist the midwives and the mothers on the wards, clinics and in the community.

Community midwives provide antenatal and postnatal care for all women living in the Hillingdon and Ealing areas and are on call 24 hours per day to attend home births. The Antenatal and Community Midwifery Manager is Vicky Brown- Tel: 01895 279465.

The midwifery-led unit is located at Hillingdon Hospital and is pleased to provide midwifery-led care to low-risk pregnant women. The Birth Centre is staffed entirely by midwives and provides a relaxed, home-like environment for healthy pregnant women. Women have the opportunity to use a birthing pool for labour and birth, and have access to birthing balls and birthing stools. Each of the Birth Centre’s birthing rooms has the privacy of an en-suite bathroom.

The team provides women-focussed care to pregnant women who have had a straightforward pregnancy with no medical problems and/or no problems in a previous pregnancy or labour. Please discuss with your midwife the option of receiving your care in the midwifery led unit.

To contact the midwifery-led birth centre: 01895 279880, internal tel 3880

Specialist midwives care for women with problems in pregnancy. There are several specialist midwifery roles including fetal medicine, diabetes, vulnerable women and mental health.

Medical Team

  • Obstetricians

    A team of doctors specialised in pregnancy and delivery care are available 24 hours a day. They work closely with the midwifery high risk teams. They are led by a consultant obstetrician who will review your care if any complications develop antenatally, during the delivery or after the baby is born.

  • Anaesthetists

    These are doctors who help women cope with the pain of labour by administering an epidural or spinal. You may meet them before you have your baby is born if complications develop during your pregnancy to plan appropriate pain relief or preparation for a caesarean section. They also provide extensive support and leadership if women become severely ill in hospital.

  • Maternity nurses

    These are nurses trained in the delivery of high dependency and recovery care to pregnant women.

  • Paediatricians

    These are a team of doctors specialising in taking care of your baby after it is born. These doctors may be asked to attend your baby’s birth if there are any complications. Most mothers will not see a paediatrician until after the delivery when a baby check is performed. If any complications develop before labour you may be referred for a discussion with a paediatrician.

  • Neonatal nurses

    These are nurses who are trained in taking care of babies requiring high dependency or intensive care support in our Neonatal Unit. They staff the unit 24 hours a day. At Hillingdon we take care of babies born from 28 weeks gestation. In the event of you having an early delivery before 28 weeks we may need to transfer your care to another Maternity Unit.