Meet the team

We are here to provide you with care throughout your pregnancy, birth and after delivery, providing specialist advice and support. Our staff make sure any stay or visit is comfortable and informed. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed and treated with care and dignity at every stage of your journey.

Our team CARES for you

We take pride in our teamwork at Hillingdon and work together to ensure that our women receive the best evidence-based care. We follow the Trust CARES values to put compassionate care, safety and quality at the heart of everything we do.

Women and Children's Division organisational chart 2019 (200kb, pdf)


Midwives care for your needs during your pregnancy, both in hospital and community settings. They will help you to plan your choice of care and delivery. You may also be seen by a student midwife or medical student from Imperial College, with your agreement, but your care will always be overseen by a qualified midwife or doctor. If any complications develop you will be referred to one of our obstetricians.

Maternity support workers and health care assistants assist the midwives and the mothers on the wards, clinics and in the community.

Community midwives provide antenatal and postnatal care for all women living in the Hillingdon and Ealing areas and are on call 24 hours per day to attend home births. The Antenatal and Community Midwifery Manager is Vicky Brown- Tel: 01895 279465.

The midwifery-led unit is located at Hillingdon Hospital and is pleased to provide midwifery-led care to low-risk pregnant women. The Birth Centre is staffed entirely by midwives and provides a relaxed, home-like environment for healthy pregnant women. Women have the opportunity to use a birthing pool for labour and birth, and have access to birthing balls and birthing stools. Each of the Birth Centre’s birthing rooms has the privacy of an en-suite bathroom.

The team provides women-focussed care to pregnant women who have had a straightforward pregnancy with no medical problems and/or no problems in a previous pregnancy or labour. Please discuss with your midwife the option of receiving your care in the midwifery led unit.

To contact the midwifery-led birth centre: 01895 279880, internal tel 3880

Specialist midwives care for women with problems in pregnancy. There are several specialist midwifery roles including fetal medicine, diabetes, vulnerable women and mental health.

  • Miss N Jackson

    Division Director for Women & Children’s Division

    • Twins
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • Obstetric ultrasound
    • General gynaecology
    • Endometrial ablation

  • Miss Shruti Mohan

    Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

    • Colposcopy Lead
    • FGM Lead
    • Research Lead
    • Fertility and general gynaecology
    • Intrapartum and ante-natal care
    • Deputy postgraduate training programme director for obstetrics and gynaecology for North West Thames

  • Consultant Midwife, Nicky Wilkins

    Nicky is available to support women and promote effective, evidenced based care to enable you to have a safe and supported pregnancy and delivery. My aim is to work in collaboration with individual women to support choice and promote an individualised birth option. Nicky works closely with women experiencing Tokophobia and will help them develop an individualised care plan. There are clinics at Hillingdon each week and the antenatal clinic or your community midwife can help you to arrange an appointment. It is important to me that you are supported and involved in the decisions about your care in any of the birth settings that you choose. Nicky can also see women before and after pregnancy and birth to help them develop a plan any future pregnancy.

  • Diabetes – Helen Wells

    Provides counselling and advice for women regarding diabetic conditions. The midwife will discuss options regarding pregnancy/delivery interventions.

  • Infectious Diseases and Sexual Health – Susie Phillips

    Women and couples can receive counselling regarding the complex multi-factorial issues surrounding infections, substance use and other sexual health issues in pregnancy and the effects on outcome and interventions.

  • Topaz Team

    We are a team of midwives aiming to support mothers with additional social needs throughout their pregnancy and postnatal period choosing to deliver their baby at Hillingdon Hospital. Some women will commence their care with the Topaz Team; others may join the caseload team later in their pregnancy.

    More on the Topaz Team (pdf, 272KB)

  • Haemoglobinopathy – Helen Hoskins

    We offer genetic counselling to women with a major haemoglobin disorder or those identified as carriers, and initiate the appropriate referral or care pathway for a newborn with a major haemoglobin disorder.  Parents are offered education, counselling and the choice of screening.

  • Clinical Risk Midwife - Theresa Thomas

    The Clinical Risk Midwife Facilitator works with other key staff to ensure a quality and responsive service investigating clinical adverse incidents in conjunction. They work with all clinicians and staff in relevant areas in planning and implementing a proactive policy of Risk Management in light of clinical and organisational changes, legislation and regulatory requirements.

  • Infant Feeding Coordinator – Julia Masdin

    Julia has experience as a Nurse and Midwife and is passionate about the protection and promotion of breastfeeding in Hillingdon. She takes the lead on implementing the UNICEF Baby Friendly best practice standards throughout the Trust and our work towards the eventual goal of Baby Friendly Accreditation. She supports staff in assisting families with learning to feed their babies with whichever method they choose, ensuring that consistent and evidence-based information is offered to women throughout their experience with maternity care in Hillingdon Hospital. She also provides specialist support to women with particular feeding difficulties.

Medical Team

  • Obstetricians

    A team of doctors specialised in pregnancy and delivery care are available 24 hours a day. They work closely with the midwifery high risk teams. They are led by a consultant obstetrician who will review your care if any complications develop antenatally, during the delivery or after the baby is born.

  • Anaesthetists

    These are doctors who help women cope with the pain of labour by administering an epidural or spinal. You may meet them before you have your baby is born if complications develop during your pregnancy to plan appropriate pain relief or preparation for a caesarean section. They also provide extensive support and leadership if women become severely ill in hospital.

  • Maternity nurses

    These are nurses trained in the delivery of high dependency and recovery care to pregnant women.

  • Paediatricians

    These are a team of doctors specialising in taking care of your baby after it is born. These doctors may be asked to attend your baby’s birth if there are any complications. Most mothers will not see a paediatrician until after the delivery when a baby check is performed. If any complications develop before labour you may be referred for a discussion with a paediatrician.

  • Neonatal nurses

    These are nurses who are trained in taking care of babies requiring high dependency or intensive care support in our Neonatal Unit. They staff the unit 24 hours a day. At Hillingdon we take care of babies born from 28 weeks gestation. In the event of you having an early delivery before 28 weeks we may need to transfer your care to another Maternity Unit.

Professional Midwifery Advocates Role

We have a network of Professional Midwifery Advocates who are proactive in supporting midwives in safe childbirth for all.  They play an active role throughout maternity services and within the Trust in supporting the Clinical Governance Agenda.

Maternity staff

Anenatal Clinic
Hillingdon Hospital
Telephone: 01895 279442