The Maternity Triage is an assessment area adjacent to the Antenatal clinic which is staffed by a midwife 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It is available to women 18 weeks pregnant and onwards who may require further care or assessment.
You should call the maternity triage if you:

  • Think you may be in labour
  • Have any vaginal bleeding
  • Think your waters may have broken
  • Have a change in the pattern of baby’s movements
  • Have any itching on the palms of your hands or soles of your feet
  • Have a headache or visual disturbances
  • Have any abdominal pains
  • Are worried and require any advice

Triage contact number – 01895 279054

The midwives working in Triage take telephone referrals from the women themselves or from GPs and community midwives. The midwives will be able to assess you and give you appropriate advice as to whether you need to come in to the unit, stay at home or even be seen by your own GP.

On arrival at triage, the midwife will take your history and undertake an initial assessment. Maternity Triage can be a very busy area, and women will be seen on a priority of care basis. We are about to implement a ‘traffic light’ system in order to streamline our service.  This will mean that you will be assessed according to clinical need and allocated as either Red, Amber or Green.

Red       =     Review within 15 minutes of arrival
Amber   =     Review within 90 minutes of arrival
Green    =     Review within 4 hours of arrival

Your patience is very much appreciated at this time and we aim to see everyone as soon as possible. We will try to keep you informed of the expected waiting times when you arrive.  In triage, we work very closely with our obstetricians and you may need to be seen by one of the Obstetric Team depending upon the reason for your referral.

Additional procedures including blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, and internal examinations may be performed if required.  We can also perform a CTG to monitor your baby’s heart rate if this is necessary.  

If you do not understand what is happening to you or you have any worries or questions, please ask the triage midwife.


Maternity Triage 01895 279054
Community Midwives' Office 01895 279472
Antenatal Clinic
Hillingdon Hospital
01895 279442